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Bird Mansions are designed and constructed by Jack Pattison of Kingston, Massachusetts. Jack, a professional artist who spent almost forty years as a public school art teacher, creates each one of these unique pieces from scratch. Once the mansions are constructed, he customizes them using recycled wood, usually recovered furniture pieces rescued from local landfills. Each mansion is then hand painted and highlighted until it is truly a work of art. You know that your bird mansion is ready for our feathered friends when you see Jack's trademark signature and Mansion number inside the door. Hundreds of birds, as well as people from here to Arizona, can't be wrong Bird Mansions are special and so are you for becoming one of the many folks who proudly displays an original Bird Mansion in your yard.


Each is made of solid wood, no particle board or plastic. All joints are glued and nailed. Minimum of 3 coats of exterior paint applied. Roofs are made of 8 mil copper with copper tacks on all 6 corners. They are hinged with solid brass hinges and hasps to allow easy cleaning. LD, LS & SD models can be mounted on a standard 4x4 post. SS model has a flat bottom and can be mounted in any configuration. All decorative trim, turnings, and columns are made from recycled furniture rescued from landfills. All holes are 1.25 inch in diameter. All decorative carving is done by hand by Jack. Each is signed and numbered so no two will ever be the same. Anyone would be proud to receive one as a gift or to have one in their own yard.